Theory Test Question Changes January 2012

Theory Test Changes
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Theory Test Question Changes January 2012
26 Sep, 2012

The changes to the Theory Test questions section is going to come as old news to many pupils studying for the Test.

However, we still have many candidates asking us in a panic about the changes, so lets clear the confusion up!

First of all, and the main reason pupils worry, is whether the questions are changing in format.

The answer is no, you will see exactly the same style of Theory Test questions that you found before Jan 2012.

So there will be ridiculously obvious questions, some that are simple common sense and those that need to be revised; braking distances, signposts, speed limits etc.

The change actually concerns the material that candidates can buy or find to revise with, that is, DVDs books and websites.

The DSA has decided that they will no longer release the actual Theory Test questions used for the test.

The reason behind the change is to ensure that learners don't simply study the official questions as this means a lot of information gets missed. The DSA try to promote safe driving for life, and only learning answers to the questions that come up in the Theory Test goes against this principle.

Many learners complain to us that it's not fair, or that it's much harder to pass the theory Test now. There's no denying that not having the actual answers makes passing slightly more difficult. However, the study process is exactly the same.

In fact, the changes will probably save candidates money! Instead of buying brand new books and DVDs to keep up with new questions (only a few questions change each year by the way, not all of them), you may as well borrow or buy older versions.

The purpose of the DVDs and books has always been to get a feel for the style and level of the Theory Test questions, as well as learning the answers. Well now you can still do the same thing but with older versions and still be safe in the knowledge that some of the questions will come up - speed limits, braking distances etc., haven't changed for years!

The only downside is that candidates will probably have to try a few more mock Theory Tests than before, to take in more information

In summary, the DSA have probably got their way by forcing candidates to study and learn a wider range of theory material. However, because most of the road laws stay the same, the process is the same - do as many mock tests as possible and refer to the highway code for any questions you don't know or get wrong.

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