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What is the Theory Test?

The Theory Test is designed to test your knowledge of the highway code plus the rules and laws governing the road. In order to be a safe driver, it's essential that you understand the rules of the roads and how to use the roads correctly. It's also designed to test your ability, as a driver, to assess developing hazards through the section of the Theory Test known as the Hazard Perception test.

Both parts of the Theory Test are done on a computer First you will need to answer 50 multiple choice questions about the highway code - the pass mark is 43 out of 50. Second you will need to complete 14 Hazard Perception clips - the pass mark is 44 out of 75 On completion you will be given your score.

How long is the Theory Test?

There are 2 sections to the Theory Test; multiple choice and hazard perception The multiple choice section lasts 57 minutes in which time you will need to answer 50 questions. The hazard perception section lasts about 15 minutes in which time you'll be shown 14 short video clips. There is a 3 minute break between the multiple choice and hazard perception section although you may go on to the hazard perception section as soon as you finish the multiple choice section if you wish.

At what age can I take the Theory Test?

You must be 17 years of age to take the theory test - of course, you can start studying for the test before you are 17.

How long is the Theory Test certificate valid for?

Your Theory Test Certificate is valid for 2 years. You could wait a year to take your test if you wish although it's better to start your lessons earlier. Some pupils find that it can add extra pressure to the test as it gets nearer to the 2 year cut off point. Remember you can start your driving lessons before you take your Theory Test - that way, you should pass the practical test well within the 2 year period.

What do I need to take to the Theory Test Centre?

You will need both parts of your provisional licence (Photo ID card and paper counterpart). You will also need your appointment letter or booking number. Your test will be cancelled and you will lose your fee if you fail to take the correct documents. If you have the old style paper driving licence you will be required to bring the licence and your passport as ID (No other form of ID will be accepted).

What happens if I arrive late at the Theory Test centre?

You are given a 15 minute window of time to arrive at the test centre before your test starts. As long as you arrive during this time you will be allowed to take the test. If you arrive after the time your Theory Test starts, you won't be allowed to take your test and you will lose your fee. This is because entering the test room late will distract other candidates.

Do I have to pass my theory test before I start my driving lessons?

No you don't. You can start your driving lessons as soon as you have a provisional licence. Your theory test will help you with your knowledge of the road and any driving you do will help with your theory test.

Do I re-take the Theory Test to switch from automatic to manual?

No - if you are upgrading your driving licence within the same category (in this case the category is B 'car'), you don't need to re-take the theory test. If you are thinking of getting a motorbike licence and only have a car licence then you will need to take Theory Test for the new category (in this case motorbike category 'A')

Will my driving instructor help me with the theory test?

Yes, any good driving instructor should be able to answer any questions you have on the theory test. This includes advice on how to book it plus advice on the hazard perception test and how it works.

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