Theory Test Centres In East Sussex

Theory Test Centre List For East Sussex


4th Floor

Victoria House

125 Queens Road




Senlac House

53-58 Seaside

BN22 7NE



Phillips House

Ponswood Industrial Estate

Drury Lane

St Leonards

TN38 9BA


Can't find a Theory Test Centre nearby?

Quite a few Theory Test Centres have been merged recently because the number of candidates taking the test in smaller towns was too low.

Here's the reason behind it given by the DSA: "the DSA relies on income on the fees we receive from our customers so we have a duty to spend that money responsibly while maintaining a good level of service".

If your local test centre has closed, you should find that the closest one is now located in the city or main town nearest to your location.

Remember to allow enough time to get to a test centre that's further away. If you arrive after the appointment time you won't be allowed to take the test.