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Theory Test Case Study
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The Theory Test Case Study Section

A lot of pupils have been asking us about the case study section of the theory test. They are concerned that it may be more difficult than the usual multiple choice questions and could catch them out

Actually, the questions are still the same ,it's just that they have been linked to a scenario based on real life in order to get the candidate to think in a way that will be more useful to them whilst driving (as opposed to simply going through a list of questions).

Old Theory Test questions in a new disguise!

So, let's look at an example:

You want to visit your friend who lives a distance away and the journey will take you on various types of road. The scenario may also include details such as, you have a mobile phone with you incase you get lost. At one point you decide to do a U-turn because you think you've gone the wrong way, later you decide to ring your friend to confirm it.

So there's the scenario - a lot could happen, but actually, you will find the same questions that you would normally see, such as:

  • What should you do before making the U-turn?
  • There is a narrow bridge on the way, it has a warning sign stating that oncoming vehicles will be in the middle of the road - how should you approach it?
  • When you ring your friend, what is the safest way to make the call?
  • On one of the roads a horse and rider are approaching what should you do?
  • As you get near you friend's house you approach a pedestrian crossing where someone is hesitating, why should you never wave pedestrians across?

You will be given multiple choice answers with each question as you are during the rest of the test. e.g. in reference to the mobile phone question - 'what is the safest way to make a call':

  • Use hands-free equipment
  • Find a suitable place to stop
  • Travel slowly on a quiet road
  • Direct your call through the operator

You would choose answer 2 and continue to the next scenario question

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Theory Test Case Study
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