Mock Theory Tests...

Mock Theory Tests
It's not just common sense...

Mock Theory Tests
19 Sep, 2012

The first question we get asked when a pupil learns that they have to take a Theory Test is;"how difficult is it?"

The answer is; "as difficult as you want to make it!" Just like any subject, some people will pick up knowledge faster than others, but when it comes to the Theory Test, there is the opportunity to make it almost certain that a candidate will pass first time.

This is because, there are a few ways that the information can be learnt.

The best way to take in a lot of the knowledge required for the Theory Test is during driving lessons. This is because as the lesson takes place, most pupils don't feel like they are actually learning any theory.

However, a good instructor will be explaining the rules of the road, signposts, speed limits etc., as well as answering questions the learner is asking. Without realising it, pupils are building a good foundation for the Theory Test.

Outside of driving lessons, there are 2 other ways to take in knowledge required about for the theory Test.

The most popular is the Mock theory Test. Not only does it give the candidate a sense of how the Theory Test works, but also the type of questions to expect and how they are worded.

There are many free mock theory tests online as well as books and DVDs available to buy (or borrow - the core rules of the road rarely change so an old DVD is just as good).

Once you have done a few of these you will begin to see that the vast majority of the multiple choice section is just common sense. We often have pupils saying "I can't believe how easy some of the questions are!"

However, you should be aware that some questions will come up that need to be learnt. For example, braking distances, speed limits, signposts etc.

Becuase most learners don't want to read all of the Highway Code, some opt for doing Mock Theory Tests and referring to the Highway Code where they don't know the answers. This can be a nice way to learn about areas of road use that you aren't sure of and the good thing is, the Highway Code is free to download.

However, if you only do a couple of Mock Theory Tests, there is a chance you won't see enough questions to find those that require some study. This is why it's a good idea to do as many Mock Theory Tests as you can.

Most test candidates who combine Mock Theory Tests with referring to the Highway Code and information taken from their driving lessons pass the multiple choice section of the Theory Test.

Where candidates take the Theory Test hoping all the questions will just require common sense, there is more likely to be a fail.

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