Hazard Perception to be updated from August 2013

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Hazard Perception Video For August 2013

The DSA will be introducing updated, enhanced videos for the Hazard Perception test from August 2013. These new video clips, created using CGI animation, are much clearer than the old clips that were filmed from a moving vehicle.

This should help candidates because it gives the DSA complete control over the amount of hazards in each clip. The old clips were filmed on public roads so there were a lot of road users and everyday traffic (all potential hazards) that had nothing to do with the developing hazard the DSA set up in each scenario.

The new CGI clips will enable the DSA to limit the amount of 'outside' road users and traffic, which should mean each scenario is clearer.

Take a look at the sample video below - if you've seen the present video clips, you'll notice a vast improvement in clarity.

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