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Hazard Perception explanation

On the test the video clips (which are screen size e.g. bigger than the examples below) are from the driver's point of view - imagine you are the driver.

Look as far down the road as possible - look out for developing hazards.
(anything that might make you change your speed or direction)

There's a pedestrian at the edge of the road and there's a cyclist ahead.
Both are potential hazards - but don't click the mouse button yet!
Keep an eye on them - remember we're looking for developing hazards.

You've passed the pedestrian - nothing developed.
However, the cyclist is still in front.
Keep watching - are they going to effect your speed or direction?

The cyclist is about to move to the middle of the road to go round the lorry. You'll have to change your speed and direction
On your test you would CLICK NOW!
Because you spotted this situation early you potentially scored 5 points.

You are now right up to the situation - the hazard has already developed
On your test, if you missed the cyclist at first you must click now!

You will score less points for spotting the developing hazard late.
If you leave it too late - you will score 0 points!

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