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Theory Test
Case Studies

The Theory Test now includes a case study as part of the multiple choice section.

This is a new addition to the theory test designed to get the candidate to think about real life scenarios.

Currently, the DSA is only including 1 case study section in the car and motorbike theory tests. This will increase over time as candidates become used to the concept.

Theory test, driving theory test, mock theory test

Theory Test
I've lost my certificate!

Many theory test candidates contact us because they've lost an item they need for the theory test. We've heard them all!

Whether it's a lost theory test certificate, you've lost the provisional licence counterpart or lost the theory test booking number etc. The list is endless.

Please see our lost theory test help page for advice...

Theory test, driving theory test, mock theory test

Hazard Perception
What if I Click too early

One of the main concerns we hear from our pupils is clicking the mouse on the hazard perception test. Probably because, for a lot of candidates, the Hazard Perception section is the 'unknown'.

On our hazard perception help page we've answered all our pupils questions and concerns.

Please go to our hazard perception help page for advice...

hazard perception test

Theory Test Articles

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Official Highway Code App

24 Oct, 2012

The Highway Code is available to download as an app! However, many pupils revising for the Theory Test are unaware of this, and one of the main complaints we hear from them is...

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Hazard Perception to be updated August 2013

01 Oct, 2012

The DSA will be introducing updated, enhanced videos for the Hazard Perception test from August 2013. These new video clips, created using CGI animation, are much clearer than the old clips that were filmed from a moving vehicle.

This should help candidates because...

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Theory Test Question Changes January 2012

26 Sep, 2012

The changes to the Theory Test questions section is going to come as old news to many pupils studying for the Test. However, we still have many candidates asking us in a panic about the changes, so lets clear the confusion up!

First of all, and the main reason pupils worry, is whether...

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Mock Theory Tests

19 Sep, 2012

The first question we get asked when a pupil learns that they have to take a Theory Test is;"how difficult is it?"

The answer is; "as difficult as you want to make it!" Just like any subject, some people will pick up knowledge faster than others, but when it comes to the Theory Test, there is the opportunity...

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ID for the Driving Theory Test

12 Sep, 2012

A common reason pupils contact us is to ask about ID for the Theory Test. Generally, the pupils are in a panic because it's only a few days away from their test appointment and they have lost part of their provisional licence.

First off, we would advise everyone to...

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What Is Hazard Perception?

05 Sep, 2012

The most confusing part of the Theory Test for pupils appears to be the Hazard Perception section. It's certainly what we get asked about most of the time by learners.

The reason for this is because it isn't completely clear to most pupils what 'Hazard Perception' means. On the other hand, It's pretty easy to work out what a 'multiple choice Theory Test' is!

So, to clear up any confusion, let's ...

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Timing The Theory Test & Driving Test

30 Aug, 2012

We often have pupils come to us for driving lessons in a panic because they are nearing the end of the 2 year Theory Test cut-off date. If you didn't know - from the date you pass your Theory Test, you have 2 years within which to take the practical driving test before you have to re-sit the Theory Test again.

To avoid the panic (and cost) of having to re-take the Theory Test...

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Theory Test

What is the Theory Test?

In a nutshell, it's a test on the rules, regulations and laws governing the roads and how to deal with them as a driver.

Based on the highway code, it requires common sense and some studying to pass the Theory Test. However, there are many Theory Test DVDs and books available to help make this process easier.

More Info: Theory Test Books

Provisional licence

You need a Provisional licence to be able to take the Theory Test for a car or motorbike.

You are allowed to apply for a provisional licence from the age of 16 year and 9 months old. The Provisional licence is valid for 10 years from date of issue.

If you have a full licence and are thinking about taking a test in a different category of vehicle e.g. you have a car licence (category B) but want a motorbike licence (category A), you will need to take another theory test.

More Info: Apply for a Provisional Licence

Book Your Theory Test

Remember that you can start your driving lessons before you book your Theory Test - your lessons will help with your Theory Test because you will be dealing with situations, signposts and laws of the road which are all part of the theory test questions.

There are a few ways to book your Theory Test - most candidates book over the phone or online these days. However, you can still fill out an application form, which you can print out from the directgov website or get from the post office and then send it off to the DSA.

The standard fee for the car and motorcycle theory test is currently 31.00, for other categories of vehicle it differs.

More Info: Theory test prices Book your theory test Theory test application form

Taking The Theory Test

There are 2 parts to the Theory Test, both of these are done during one session, on a computer, at the Theory Test centre.

Don't worry if you're not good with computers, before the Theory Test starts, there's a easy to follow tutorial on how to use it during the test.

During the test, if you aren't sure how to use it or your computer malfunctions, raise you hand and a member of staff will come over to help you to sort out the issue.

You will need to reach the pass mark in both parts to receive a pass - if you only receive a pass mark in one part, it's an overall fail. You will then need to book another test date to retake the whole test again.

You can take the Theory Test as many times as you want and also, after a fail, you can rebook it as soon as you want. How quickly you get a new Theory Test date will depend on how busy the test centre you're booking it at is.

More Info: General questions about taking the Theory Test

Theory Test Part 1 - Multiple Choice

During the 1st part of the Theory Test you will be required to answer 50 multiple choice questions. You will need to read the questions very carefully and then select the appropriate answer or answers.

You are able to move on from any questions you aren't sure about and navigate back to them later. You have 57 minutes to complete part 1 of the car (and motorcycle) Theory Test.

To pass part 1 of the Theory Test you are required to reach a score of at least 43 out of 50.

3 of the Theory Test questions are about a short video clip of a normal driving situation such as, driving through a town centre, or on a country road.

At the end of the multiple choice section, there's 3 minute break, although you are may choose to start part 2 straight away.

Multiple Choice Summary

  • You are required to answer 50 questions in 57 minutes
  • 5 of the questions refer to a case study scenario
  • You must score at least 43 out of 50 to pass

Theory Test Part 2 - Hazard Perception

The 2nd part of the Theory Test is called 'Hazard Perception'.

During the Hazard Perception section you will be required to watch 14 video clips on the computer screen.

Filmed from a driver's point of view, your job is to imagine that you're driving as the video clip plays each scenario. As the clip plays you must scan the road and anticipate developing hazards.

When you think a hazard is about to develop into something that will make you change the speed and/or direction of your vehicle - you click the computer mouse.

For each hazard you spot in good time you will score 5 points, then as the vehicle approaches and reaches the hazard, the scoring total drops quickly down to 0.

In the 14 video clips there are 15 developing hazard for you to score marks - which means 1 of the clips has 2 developing hazards in it.

More Info: Hazard Perception visual explanation Hazard Perception help

Hazard Perception Summary

  • You will be shown 14 video clips
  • 13 clips have 1 developing hazard
  • 1 clip has 2 developing hazard
  • To score points, click the mouse
  • You score more points if spot the developing hazard early
  • You must score at least 44 out of 75 to pass

After the Theory Test

Leave the Theory Test room quietly because there will probably be other candidates concentrating on their tests. After you've left the test room, you won't be allowed back in. If you realise you've left a personal item at your desk, tell a member of staff and they'll go back in to retrieve it for you.

Once out of the room, a member of the test centre staff will give you a printout of your Theory Test result.